Yoga Back Exercises

There are so many poses within yoga that help your back. You might even think they invented yoga specifically to relief back pain! In fact, many believe that yoga back exercises are the most effective way to treat problems in your spinal area. If have yet to give yoga back exercises a shot, you can not afford to wait any longer.

Now before you run to the gym to sign up for your first yoga class, please make sure your doctor clears you for exercise. Once you have that covered, it is okay to run down there and get started.

If you are still skeptical that yoga can help your back, here are some helpful poses you can try at home before you sign up for a class. It is a beginner yoga back routine that is easy to remember since every pose begins with a “C.”

1.) The Child pose

First, kneel down and bring your feet together. Next, breathe in and sit on your heels. After you are in position, spread your knees about a shoulder width apart. Breathe out and bring your chest down to your legs. If you can, scoot your pelvis in as tight as you can. The final step is to stretch out your hands in front of you. You can hold this pose for as long as you like. I would recommend around thirty seconds for beginners.

2.) The Cobra pose

First, lie belly down on the floor with your legs fully extended backwards. Put your hands beneath your shoulders. Your elbows should be at a hard angle. Next, push into the floor with your legs and inhale a deep breathe. Push your chest up, but try as hard as you can to keep your hips touching the ground. This should arch your back inward and give you a nice stretch. Hold the position for about thirty seconds and continue to breathe. After your thirty seconds are up, go back to the starting position.

3.) The Corpse Pose

The first step for this pose is to lie on your back belly up. Lay your arms next to your body. Now close your eyes and imagine you are like water. Basically, let go of every muscle in your body so that you are completely relaxed. Next, meditate on each part of your body starting at the bottom and working your way to the top. This asana takes much longer than the other two. I would recommend doing it for as long as ten or fifteen minutes or at least until you feel relaxed.

These yoga back asanas are a great starting point to help relieve pain in your spinal area. I highly recommend exploring more yoga by attending classes at local gym, or by finding an instructor. Having an instructor to talk to is key to developing the right technique. Beyond that, finding an outside resource like a good book or video can also be a big help to finding the most efficient yoga back exercises.

Source by Satori Ebedes

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