They Smoke The New Air Force PT Test

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In this video, 20 Airmen will complete the both the new and old Air Force PT test. They will perform regular push ups, regular sit ups, 1.5 mile run, hand release push ups, cross leg reverse crunch, plank and the HAMR test (high aerobic multi shuttle run). At the end of the video, I ask them which one is harder and why.

This video is great for anyone in the Air Force who will be taking the New Air Force PT test soon, or for those of you joining the Air Force and want to get familiar with the Air Force PT test.

I personally think after filming them, the New Air Force PT test will be a little easier to max out. I know I said in my previous video, I didn’t like the new Air Force PT test, but I can’t go against what 20 in shape Airmen say.

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All views in this video are for entertainment purposes only and do not express the views or represent the Air Force.


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