The Truth About Yoga

Yoga seems to be one of those activities that people either love or hate. If you ask a group of people for their opinions about yoga, some will tell you how much the enjoy doing it and how great it makes them feel whilst other will look a little confused or crack a joke about meditation or even levitation!

Unfortunately, there are lots of myths and mis-truths about yoga, many of which contribute to some people being discouraged from trying it out. Below is a run down of some common myths and rumours surrounding yoga. Have a read and then why not think again about yoga!

Myth: Yoga is nothing more than a bit of stretching.

Truth: This common view of yoga is far from accurate. Yoga does involve stretching and exercise but also requires mental focus and calls on the use of the mind.

Myth: Yoga can only be done by people who are extremely flexible.

Truth: In fact, yoga can be enjoyed by anyone and a suitable programme can be devised to fit all abilities and bodies. You don’t need to be a contortionist to enjoy yoga!

Myth: Yoga is only enjoyed by Asian people.

Truth: The origins of yoga are found in India but it is now practiced and enjoyed the world over by all sorts of different people. Some elements of yoga have been adapted to suit the needs of other tastes and cultures but the fundamental benefits of yoga practice are acknowledged by professionals all around the globe.

Myth: Yoga is only suitable for skinny people.

Truth: The exercises which make up yoga are carried out in a calm manner but some moves actually require core strength and good stamina. Yoga is even used by some professional sports people as part of their training routine.

Myth: Doing yoga won’t build muscle.

Truth: Yoga is actually great for conditioning and improving strength. There are a large amount of moves that can work all areas of the body and help to develop muscle size.

Myth: Yoga can’t be practiced without an expert.

Truth: Whilst attending a yoga class is a good idea if you are serious about taking up yoga, there is no reason why you can’t try out some basic exercises by your self in your own home. Pick up a good yoga book or DVD and get started!

So you see the truth is that yoga is a great exercise system to add into your lifestyle and you can realise the benefits of yoga even if you only practice once a month. Why not forget your misconceptions and give yoga a go today.

Good luck!

Source by William P Taylor

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