TheraBand Roller Massager +, Portable Muscle Rolling Stick with Retractable Handles

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From the manufacturer

Recovery + Massage: Improve Flexibility, Relieve Pain, and Recover Post-Activity

You’ve heard the expression: ‘Work Hard. Play Hard’. Both are good, and both come with a toll on the body. Whether you are getting ready to go hard or coming back from an intense workout, the TheraBand Roller Massager is proven to increase flexibility in just seconds without impacting performance. It also aids in myofascial release and deep tissue massage to help relieve soreness. The textured handles give you confidence and control while the contoured surface allows for variable pressure control without pinching or pain.

Expert Instructions and Research

The Roller Massager is a research backed, clinically-proven tool for increasing flexibility and range of motion when used prior to activity. Expert instructions available at give you a number of exercises and techniques to warm up and relieve some of the most common muscle groups and areas in need of deep tissue massage.

Tips for Use

– Keep muscles relaxed when rolling.

– Best to use on bare skin or over light clothing.

– Use before activities to warm up muscles by rolling 10-20 seconds.

– For general use, roll each muscle at least 30-60 seconds. More or less pressure can be applied based on amount of needed attention to a particular area.

– Always apply even pressure to the handles with both hands.

– Follow the direction of the muscle being massaged.

– Roll gently over boney areas such as the spine, knees, and shins.

Roller Options

The TheraBand Roller Massager+ comes in both portable and standard designs. The standard design is ideal for at-home massages and physical therapy clinics. The portable massager is great for on-the-go self-myofascial release. Reduce muscle soreness at the gym, at the office, or while traveling!

21″ length roller massager to massage and lengthen muscles and fascia, increase flexibility, restore range of motion, decrease pain, and improve circulation and blood flow
The roller stick design delivers the perfect self-massage to promote optimal muscle health and relieve pain, making it great for pre-workout warm up and post-workout recovery on areas like the hamstring, quads, neck, and calf
Research proven to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) without impacting immediate range of motion or muscle performance, much like a ridged foam roller or deep tissue massage
Rolling pin style massage stick has ridged exterior to massage tight muscles and knots to remove lactic acid build up, one cause of next-day soreness after a tough workout or long run
Essential tool for physical therapy, rehabilitation, and at-home recovery to relieve muscle pain similar to a professional massage therapist
Price: $24.99
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TheraBand Roller Massager +, Portable Muscle Rolling Stick with Retractable Handles
TheraBand Roller Massager +, Portable Muscle Rolling Stick with Retractable Handles