NASM Overhead Squat Assessment || How to do it AND Real World Application

Whether you are studying for your NASM CPT Exam or you just want to better understand how the body moves – this will be the most comprehensive video breakdown you can find on the web!

Coach Joe Drake breaks down each component that you need to look at when taking clients through the NASM Overhead Squat – as well as some major insight that the book leaves out into problem solving what you see in the moment and differentiating between movement compensations – and clients who just need a little bit of coaching to get in the right position.

This tends to be a major limitation of most standardized fitness assessments that not only can lead new trainers astray in making assumptions about overactive and underactive muscles – but also not serve personal trainers in the need to create a fun and diverse initial training experience.

Checkout the video above and break out your notebook for taking notes as this video breaks down all of the ins-and-outs of this popular movement assessment.

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