NASM 7th Edition Chapter 12-Postural, Movement, and Performance Assessments

Chapter 12 overview
o Static Posture Assessment
-Common distortion syndromes
-Pes Planus Syndrome (formerly called Pronation Distortion Syndrome)
-Lower Crossed Syndrome
-Upper Crossed Syndrome
o Overhead squat assessment (new muscle imbalance chart)
o Single-leg squat assessment
o Pushing/pulling assessments
o Performance assessments
-Bench press assessment
-Squat assessment
-Vertical jump test
-Horizontal jump test
-L.E.F.T test
-40-yard dash
-Pro shuttle test
o Implementing fitness assessments
-Sequencing assessments
-Onboarding and sequencing assessments
-Opportunity for rapport building
o Considerations and modifications
-Overweight and obese clients
-Youth clients
-Older adult clients
-Prenatal clients

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