Is Yoga Good for Your Children?

No grownups can ever compete with the active nature of children. This hyperactivity is attributed to the highly processed food that they are consuming. Other factors are activities depicted in television and comic magazines. They copy or ‘act out’ the movements of the super heroes. In the electronic home games, it can be seen that the tendency is to move towards more violence, and this is quite alarming as this kind of scene may become the acceptable norm for our kids to live by.

But parents need not worry. There are now yoga for kids programs designed for our little ones that can harness the over abundant energy that are flowing from them. It has been observed that kids as young as 4 years old will have no difficulty following a 30 to 45 minutes of yoga session. The yoga postures develop their motor skills and stimulate their creativity; as they move from one posture to the other that are usually named after animals.

Here are some simple yoga for kids postures:

1. SUN SALUTATION – this is a posture and counter posture of flowing movements and will be fun for the kids.

2. WARRIOR POSE- this posture enhances the muscles in the legs and arms, promoting stability.

3. EAGLE POSE – the eagle pose enhances their balance, as children tends to be a bit wobbly, because their muscular system is still developing.

4. TRIANGLE POSE – good for the spine; preventing scoliosis especially for girls who usually grow faster at a certain age. This posture aligns the spine as the surrounding muscles are stretch equally.

5.. COBRA POSE- this pose increases the flexibility of the spine and also a good cure for ‘bed-wetting’.

6. RABBIT POSE – this posture stretches the back muscles.

7. LOCUST POSE -this pose is very good for the back and the spine and helps in preventing ‘bed-wetting’.

8. LION POSE – Release tension and irritability. Kids usually have a good laugh doing this posture!

9. PRANAYAMA – Simple breathing that calms the kids.

Yoga for kids must be fun and should be under the careful guidance of grownups. The teacher must be creative in his/her approach so as not to bore the kids. Some postures must be avoided though, especially those that will have considerable effect on the various glands. Since these kids are still on the developmental stage, they should be allowed to go through the phase of adolescence in its natural course when they reach that stage.

Source by Man Villar

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