Herbalife: genius MLM or pyramid scheme?

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This company has been around for forty years and has managed to remain both successful and controversial.

The US Justice Department, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Federal Trade Commission agencies all have investigated it. And it has paid hundreds of millions of dollars to settle different legal accusations.

Wall Street investors have bet billions against it, trying to prove that it is an illegal pyramid business and put it down. And yet, there it is, alive and kicking. According to its new CEO, the company is even doing pretty well these days.

So, let’s revisit the inevitable question about Herbalife: is it a pyramid scheme? Welcome to Company Forensics.

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0:00 – Intro
0:59 Herbalife: Multi-level Marketing = Pyramid scheme?
3:16 Herbalife: The old ways
5:52 Herbalife: A legal survivor

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