Denise Austin: Upper Body Strength Workout- Level 1

Denise Austin: Upper Body Strength Workout- Level 1 is a low-intensity, strength-training workout that is designed to burn fat and build muscle in the upper body. Using a set of light hand weights, you will lift the chest, sculpt the upper back and shoulders, tighten the abs, and tone the arms through a series of unique, isolated curls and presses. Fitness Guru, Denise Austin takes you through this effective combination of exercises that are great for any skill level, and will improve posture, chisel the biceps and triceps, and have you looking your best for summer. Shape the sexy swimsuit body that you have always wanted with this upbeat workout from Denise Austin’s “Personal Training System” fitness DVD. For more target-toning exercises from Denise Austin, Click here:

This workout is from Denise Austin’s DVD “Denise Austin’s Personal Training System”.

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