Countries without Travel and COVID-19 Restrictions 2021 – Where to Travel Now

Countries without Travel and COVID-19 Restrictions 2021 – Where to travel now?
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Travel certainly has changed in recent days making it more challenging for the average expat and digital nomad to truly live a location independent life.

All is not lost yet because there are countries that will allow international tourists to enter without complying with most of the travel restrictions many nations enforce at this moment in time.

The situation in Mexico is fairly relaxed!

Some of the best places to visit are Playa del Carmen, Mexico City, Queretaro, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallerta.

Many say Mexican cuisine is one of the best in the world – it’s very rich and tasty.

There’s a ton of digital nomads all over Mexico including but not limited to Mexico City and Playa del Carmen.

Nationals of 67 countries don’t need a visa to visit Mexico for 180 days.

You can obtain temporary residency by proving savings of about $25,000.

Costa Rica, the country located in Central America is open to travelers from most countries.

Business is as usual!

Most foreigners live in beach towns enjoying the tropical outdoor lifestyle.

Nationals of 97 countries don’t need a visa to enter Costa Rica for 90 days. There’s a digital nomad visa available for those who own an offshore entity or have income from abroad..

Colombia is another great option for those wanting to live a life of freedom.

Medellin, Cartagena and Bogota are the 3 top expat destinations in the South American country.

Western nationals can stay in Colombia as a tourist for 90 days and can apply for a 90 day extension online.

I kept the best for last: The Dominican Republic

Some of the best places to visit and live are Puerto Plata, Santo Domingo, Caberete, Las Terranos, Punta Cana and Boca Chica.

Located in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic has long been known for its white sand beaches, romantic nightlife, surfing and snorkeling spots.

You get a 90 day tourist visa on arrival and you’re legally allowed to overstay your visa and pay a fine when you leave the country.

Which of the discussed countries is your favorite? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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