Can weight loss pills decrease chances of pregnancy? – Dr. Ashwini GB

Weight loss pills for losing obesity or getting back into a proper BMI have been commonly used by many people. There are several weight loss medications that are available in the market. Some are prescription drugs. Some are non-prescription drugs. Among the prescription drugs are sibutramine etc. One should always be weary of taking these weight loss medications because they suffer from a lot of side effects especially cardiovascular, strokes, gastrointestinal medications. etc. Now these weight loss medications cause only a modest improvement in weight loss and possibility is to concentrate more on diet and exercise rather than depend on weight loss medications. Most of these medications do not interfere with the ovulation, ovarian function, uterine function. So most likely they do not interfere with conception. However the literature available about the use of these medications in pregnancy and exposure of the pregnancy on these medications are very limited. So we will not be able to say whether it is safe in pregnancy if an accidental pregnancy occurs. There is a drug called metformin which is commonly used in polycystic ovarian syndrome and also causes a weight loss. This is a very safe medication and can be used prior to pregnancy and if somebody conceives can be continued throughout the first trimester to prevent any adverse effects in the pregnancy as such. One should also be careful about taking non-prescription drugs because we do not know the components and hence their effect in the pregnancy will not be known. So probably weight loss medications are not the wisest thing to be taken, however metformin can be chosen.


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