20 Minute Dumbbell Back and Biceps Workout at Home

Hello everyone!

This dumbbell back workout at home is exactly what I would be doing in the gym to build strength and add definition to my middle and upper back and arms, an entire upper body workout actually and core!

Strengthening your back has many benefits including improved posture, ability to perform other compound movements with less risk of injuries, and better form.

There are 5 exercises, with each performed for 30 seconds and straight into opposite side of single arm otherwise we have a 30 second rest if double arm! We will complete 3 full rounds of each exercise.

Single arm row (15kg)
Renegade row (15kg)
Pullovers (15kg)
Supine single arm row (8kg)
Preacher curls (8kg)

I have included above the weights I used for reference. I used 2 different weight however you could use 1 dumbbell if somewhere in the middle! Bands can also be used for this back workout!

Here are a few points to remember!

Complete same number of reps per side, even if you finish earlier on second side!
During renegade rows, try to keep hips as steady as possible!
During preacher curls, try not to straighten your arm fully as this is applying a lot of tension at elbow to lift.

Lets hit this back workout with dumbbells!

I hope you enjoy this workout!


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